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I joined this crazy place on 2005-09-04, 15 years ago.

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I am a cruise and travel specialist. Check out my website at!! I can book cruises and land vacation packages. Let me help!

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travel4life - 11 years ago

greetings from scotland. hello everybody. thank you somuch for all of the prayers.please keep them coming. update b/s ok now. most numbers are inproving. breathing sucks. exhausted... and i wanna c...

Any Tastefully Simple People Out There?? - 11 years ago

I'll place an order crazy to help out :)

Hello From Norway - 11 years ago

Ok greetings from "almost" Iceland :) Tomorrow we hit our first stop of 3. I just don't think anything can top the Norweigen Fjord but dang I'll just have to give it a try. So far the temps have bee...

Hello From Norway - 11 years ago

I have been alot of places and the Fjords of Norway has moved to the top of the list. The most beatiful place in the world, I swear. We have had perfect weather, so far. Tomorrow we are headed to ...

come listen to my new single - 11 years ago

Sounds great Wendy, love it!! You are gonna make it girl, shoot for the stars.

Maximus - 11 years ago

I looked through the pics on the photobucket and none of them are obviously her. I am not real good with pics and I really didn't eyeball her that much when I met her. There are a few, in a stretch,...

Maximus - 11 years ago

I met her and her son...she's real folks. And to be honest, I think she is a very sweet girl, very naive and very troubled, but a real person nonetheless.

KU Speed!!! - 11 years ago

now the bilooga is on every page :(

KU Speed!!! - 11 years ago

I got the blank page when I tried to load this thread.

They are up to something! - 11 years ago

Underwear, bug spray and drinks? Oh yeah, she is up to something! lol. Wow sounds like something not to be missed. There is just nothing like kicking back in your underwear, drinking a Dr....

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