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stampin' gal

I joined this crazy place on 2005-07-13, 15 years ago.

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Pedestrian killed in kingwood - 5 years ago

It wasn't at the intersection. It was on the street in the neighborhood, like 6 houses down from the intersection. I'm not saying that intersection isn't bad, but that wasn't the cause in this one.

Another Suddenlink Complaint - 8 years ago

I had all the same problems and more with suddenlink. Gave up. Switched to Direct TV (and Centurylink) and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Don't call them to cancel. Go into the office. I did it and it took 5...

CMS red ribbon week????? - 8 years ago

Anyone know how we are supposed to know what day is what? I don't see anything on the website, nothing came home, but my kid needs to wear the right things each day for Student Council. Um, hello?? ...

What to do - need to get rid of a pet rabbit - 8 years ago

it's an inside bunny. they don't have a big enough area/run for him and he needs to go to a better home. the human is allergic not the rabbit :). i didn't know there was such a thing as a bunny...

What to do - need to get rid of a pet rabbit - 8 years ago

Craigs list is a good idea, but I think she needs it gone super fast. I'll keep thinking! If you come up with any ideas (that don't involve dinner, haha), let me know. Thanks :)

What to do - need to get rid of a pet rabbit - 8 years ago

Hey all! I have a friend that has a pet rabbit and needs it to be gone ASAP. She is having all kinds of allergic problems. I don't know what kind of rabbit it is (it's black and very pretty). ...

CMS email ...gunman on green belt - 8 years ago

Of course this is concerning. But, think about it logically. If it were a rifle, that shot would have been so loud that we would have had 100's of people reporting it. I don't doubt there was a...

Recommend a Pool Installation Company - 8 years ago

Wow, you have some interesting comments on here! We used Mike Lopez, with Houston Cool Pools. Outlined a budget, line by line, came in several hundred UNDER budget, and on time. First shovel to...

Blue Tide offering Free Swim Clinic - 8 years ago

Hi all! I haven't posted in forever, but wanted to share this. Blue Tide is offering a free clinic for any swimmers that might be interested in finding out what year-round swimming is all about. ...

Pool renovation or new - 9 years ago

Houston Cool Pools did ours when we had a new pool built and we just loved them. We interviewed Fox and were not impressed. We had no problems with Houston Cool Pools (Mike Lopez) and I know 2 other...

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